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Brittany Ann Robinson sings at Michael Krop High School

In-School “Informances”

Florida Grand Opera’s (FGO) In-School “Informances” is offered to any school that seeks to feature a member of FGO’s staff or Young Artist Studio in an educational setting. FGO production staff and Young Artists travel to schools to share their talent, knowledge and career path with students of all ages and helping to enrich their educational experience.

Both middle schools and high schools can participate in this program, and two types of informances are offered: vocal and technical. Each informance is timed to fit with class schedules and lasts about one hour.


This “informance” is for students that are interested in singing and onstage performance. Two singers and a coach give an in-depth presentation on the musicology and the performance of songs from operas, operettas, Broadway and concert repertoire. They also help students with discuss careers in the fine arts.

(NOTE: The school must provide either a tuned piano or a full sized electronic keyboard.)


This session is geared to those students that are interested in the backstage productions of an opera. A member of FGO’s production team meets with students and gives an overview of the profession, types of jobs available and skills needed to work in the industry. This program can be tailored to specific school interests, including set design, set and prop construction, lighting design and use of lighting instruments.

If you are interested in having an “In-School Informance”, click here to fill out a reservation form.


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