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STUDIO ARTISTS: General Information

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Founded in 1984, Florida Grand Opera’s Studio Artist Program has gained worldwide recognition as one of the leading operatic training programs in the United States. The program provides talented young singers with an opportunity to refine the skills developed during formal music education, targeting those areas necessary to develop a successful career in opera.

The selected artists receive extensive coaching and instruction during the 6-8 month residency. Under the guidance of a staff of working professionals, Florida Grand Opera’s Young Artists study with renowned artists and teachers from every aspect of the world of opera while gaining valuable performance experience. Singers receive individual coaching sessions and participate in master classes and seminars given by acclaimed guest artists. Special classes in audition techniques, fight choreography, dance, tax and personal finance, and public relations may also be offered.

The highly competitive program accepts 8-15 artists each year and has trained more than 180 young professionals who now appear on the stages of the nation’s leading operatic and theatrical organizations. During their residency, Studio Artists perform recitals and concerts for the community and outreach programs for students, inspiring a new generation and gaining valuable experience and feedback. Perhaps most importantly, the Studio Artists perform featured and supporting roles in mainstage performances as well as study appropriate leading roles in the season’s repertoire.

Graduates of the program who have returned in leading roles in FGO productions include Sarah Coburn, Rachele Gilmore, Leah Partridge, Elizabeth Caballero, Jonathan Michie, Andrew Bidlack, Tom Corbeil and Martín Nusspaumer.

For additional information about the Studio Artist Program, contact Mitch Roe — Manager of the FGO Studio

Sponsorship Opportunities

Every season FGO seeks sponsors for each Young Artist to assist in covering the costs of stipends, and other training and career development activities. Learn more about artists for the current season.

Staff Coaches and Accompanists: $20,000
Studio Artist Sponsor: $15,000
Studio Artist Recital Sponsor: $7,500
Annual Family Day Sponsor: $10,000
Master Class Sponsor: $1,500
General Supporter: $500
Gifts of $250 and above will be recognized in the program book

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