Reach South Florida's Luxury Consumers

There’s no art form more deluxe than opera,

and you’ll find plenty of South Florida’s most discriminating consumers in our seats, reading our elegant program book as they wait for the curtain to rise on another intoxicating performance.

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Our Patrons

  • 60% or higher have Master’s degrees
  • 58% occupy a senior leadership or executive position
  • 65% own real estate in the amount of $100K or higher
  • 30% own real estate in the amount of $250K or higher
  • Age: Our Opera Audience range between 45 – 85
  • FGO’s core audience is South Florida residents and seasonal residents of varied ethnic background typically fitting the following characteristics: middle-class or higher, college educated, empty nesters of 50 years of age and older.
  • FGO’s core audience is white-collar professionals that are culturally interested, and cross-referenced geographically
  • 76% reside in Florida Year-round
  • 95% possess a Bachelor’s Degree or higher

Our Reach

  • Approximately 65,000 copies of the Souvenir Opera Program are distributed every opera season.
  • Approximately 30,000 copies of the Opera Season Brochure are locally and nationally distributed

Our Opportunities

  • Program Book Advertising
  • Season Sponsorship
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Artist Sponsorship