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FGO's 2021 Winter Performances
Live performances are back! Welcome to our 2021 Winter Performances, featuring three thought provoking and musically exceptional pieces from world-class composers, conductors and singers.
Community Concersations
Community Conversations
Join us for a conversation with partners from across Florida to sustain advocacy for equality and inclusion. Together, we will work towards shifting social attitudes toward greater respect and acceptance of LGBTQ+ communities.
Two Studio Artist
An Evening of Spirituals, Jazz, and Opera
MARCH 13, 2021
Join us for a combined one of a kind experience as Spirituals, Jazz, and Opera collide in an evening of musical bliss. Performed by two of our very talented studio Artists.
Catalina Cuervo
A Tribute to Latin-American Composers
MARCH 26, 2021
Join us as we pay tribute to Latin-American composer's contribution to the world of opera, featuring the talented and always riveting Latina Soprano Catalina Cuervo.
2021 SongFest Recitals
Welcome to another season of FGO's SongFest series featuring all members of FGO’s Studio Artist Program, giving audiences a chance to discover new repertoire and the artists’ extraordinary talent off the mainstage
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